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I went to my OpenID's profile page, as part of doing the necessary to get it properly set up, and found in its Circle an LJ friend that I didn't know had started a DW account. I'll have to make a habit of checking there at intervals.

If I'd stopped and thought it through, this'd probably have been obvious. I didn't, though, so it wasn't; and I figured I might as well remark about it since others might also not think of it.
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The moving van arrived with the rest of my stuff! (Translation: successful importation of the LJ contents I hadn't already cut&pasted.)

Why, yes, I do like it here. Especially, I like that I'm not feeling the occasional cold draft of user-hostility.

Moving In

May. 17th, 2009 09:55 am
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Okay, here I am. Let's see... I think I'll put the couch along that wall, Coffee table in front of it, of course; end table with a lamp next to it; bookcases along the opposite wall (dang it, even when you have enough bookcases - a transitory state - you don't have enough space for them all)... hang the curtains, and the pictures. Yep, that'll do to get on with.
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I see it's been a month since my last entry.  I don't at this point want to be committed to a posting schedule, but if I intend to keep my LJ something like current, "not less than monthly" sounds like a good mark to shoot for.  So, this is a bit of a "housekeeping" post - keeping the dust from accumulating again.

I've been considering the whole "friending" thing a lot.  Partly, it comes of one longtime and very dear IRL friend that I added to my flist, but who didn't add me - on consideration, I realized he was probably making the right choice.  Much of what he posts about is of some degree of interest to me; much of what I expect to post about will be outside his range of interests.  That will, undoubtedly, be true of many folks who otherwise might friend me because we're friends IRL or from elsewhere online; likewise, the reverse will sometimes be true.

So my "friending policy" is gradually coming together.  Similarly, other thoughts relating to LJ involvement are developing.  For example, my interests list - I was working on that last night, and realized that it couldn't possibly be complete.  I could double it in size, or more, today, just by ringing the changes on what's already there - more authors, more musical artists, more genres; variant spellings and phrasings and tenses.  Er, no - I'll stick to the high points, and to things I'm particularly likely to want to "make waves" about.

I seem to have exchanged cobwebs for sawdust.

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