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If You Ain't Makin' Waves, You Ain't Kickin' Hard Enough

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Birthdate:Aug 3, 1961
Website:LJ - If You Ain't Makin' Waves, You Ain't Kickin' Hard Enough
Like most bios, this one is a WIP.

As well as my LJ, I have a Blogspot, Makin' More Waves. At present, it's simply for the purpose of having a presence on that bloghost; if you go there looking for More Stuff, you'll be disappointed. If you use Blogger/Blogspot yourself, though, feel free to "wave hi" in a comment on my so-far-only entry.

Circle Policy:
1. If I say things that interest you, feel free to add me to your reading page. If not, don't.
2. If you say things that interest me, or I think you're likely to, I'll add you to my reading page, or ask permission to do so (depending on what you've posted about your policy, and whether we're acquainted elsewhere). If not, I won't.
3. If you add me, I'm likely (though not certain) to give you access to filtered posts, especially if I know you from somewhere else.
4. If I add you, you're under no obligation to give me access to filtered posts. (Your journal, your boundaries.)
5. Reciprocity is non-essential. If I don't add you, it doesn't mean I don't like you, or that you're dull; it just means that what you write in your journal isn't my cuppa. The reverse may also be true.

"Big Beautiful Witch" icons constructed by me at Reasonably Clever. Much other Lego-y goodness there, too, including a Lego Tarot.

Interests (146):

(lengthy parenthetical asides), abundance economics, andre norton, animism, astronomy, autodidacticism, bisexuality, books, boundaries, civil liberties, communication, comparative religion, compersion, complexity, cons, consensual, consensuality, consent fetish, cooking, coyote, critical thinking, crooked path, cybermagic, dark goddesses, discordianism, discussion, divine sexuality, dry wit, eclecticism, economics, ecstasis, egalitarianism, entheogenesis, entheogens, enthusiastic consent, erotica, etymology, exegesis, exhibitionism, fantasy, feminism, feminist-positive sex, floccinaucinihilipilification, folklore, food, free-as-in-speech love, freedom of speech, geekery, geeks, genderfuck, genderqueer, giving advice, history, hugs, humanism, improvisational cooking, individuality, initiatory experiences, intangible cultural heritage, intelligence, intentional communities, jethro tull, joie de vivre, kink, kisses, knitting, laughter, law, left-libertarianism, libraries, liminality, linguistics, madeleine l'engle, magic, mary stewart, meditation, modern commons, morrigan, music, mysticism, neurodiversity, non-d/s-dependent kink, nudity, obscure trivia, occult, open source, otherworld, paganism, pantheism, paronomasia, passion & intensity, play, polyamory, polygeekery, pro-choice, psychology, queer, ravelry, reading, relationship geeking, religion, religious witchcraft, risk-aware consensual kink, ritual, robert a. heinlein, rush, sacred sex, sapiosexuality, science fiction, semicolons, sensual play, sensuality, sex, sex magic, sex-positive, sex-positive feminism, sexuality, sexuality politics, sf/fantasy conventions, shamanism, space travel, spaceflight, spirituality, symbology, tamora pierce, tarot, technopaganism, the craft, the morrigan, theology, thinking, thinking too much, touch, tricksters, understanding things, urban paganism, urban shamanism, walking between the worlds, wicca, wild hunt, witchcraft, wordplay, words, writing, yarn, young adult literature
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