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Just a quick heads-up here about a particularly nasty siteful of transmisogynistic "humor" billing itself as "Tranny Alert". I don't want a direct link to it on here, so I'll point you to GLAAD's statement about it, and to gudbuytjane's Call to Action, where you can get the revolting details and find links to check out the site itself or to complain to Blogger where they're hosted.

It is of course de rigeur for those committing a human-rights Fail to at some point issue the "but it's just a joke" disclaimer, and these folks Twittered theirs in one of its most classic distancing/projecting forms: ""Wow people really need to get a fucking sense of humor."

That's true. Some people do need to get a fucking (or at any rate adult) sense of humor. Like the jeans they wore when they were eight, the point-and-laugh senses of ha-ha they had when they were eight NO LONGER FIT WELL ENOUGH TO COVER THEIR ASSES.

UPDATE: And it's down - I've checked a couple of times, several hours apart (and enjoyed thumbing my nose at the 404-error page I get instead), so it seems it's properly gone, not just having a hiccup.

Not to say they won't re-start it elsewhere once they think the heat has died down; the sort of asshats who don't get what's wrong with something like this in the first place aren't likely to experience a sudden epiphany. But it looks like this (one, tiny) battle has been won, even though there's still a hell of a lot of war left.

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