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Not because it's the anniversary of any significant (or even insignificant) event related to Rand, Objectivism, L/libertarianism, etc - it could be for all I know, but I haven't troubled to check on it and don't plan to - but from the pure serendipity of stumbling over more deconstruction of the objectionability of Objectivism. (The first installment is here.)

This time, I was seeing what Armagh had been posting lately, got curious about one of her regular commenters, Disgusted Beyond Belief, and in assuaging that curiosity, found this post. I link to it partly because I like showing my breadcrumb-trails (it's a fairly-effective quick way to make sure everyone who has some credit coming gets a nod, and I figure anyone who likes reading me has at least a little interest in what I read) and partly because it highlights a particularly pithy bit from the much-longer post it links to; it's not otherwise focal.

What I'm really pointing at is that much-longer post, Progressivism and Socialism, at Barefoot Bum's (no link because the blog appears to be defunct enough that I keep getting a Google error instead of a top page). The bit about Atlas Shrugged is just a sideswipe in the process of making a broader point, but that broader point has a lot to do with why I despise Ayn Rand, and have only slightly more use for the extreme atomism that dominates L/libertarianism in the US. In the comments (which are well-worth reading - a fine example of how debate can be both heated and civil), Barefoot Bum provides a link to his more specific opinion of Libertarian dogma.

(There's some regrettable ablism in there, in the use of the word "retard" and slang constructs derived therefrom, but if I dimissed everything that contained any intersectional screwups, I'd miss a lot of otherwise-good writing.)

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Date: 2009-04-01 12:55 pm (UTC)
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actually, the ableism in that last link is so severe that i will not read it. having been diagnosed as "retarded" in early childhood, for what turns out is actually asperger's (a condition on the autism spectrum), i simply will not read any article that bandies "retard" and its variants around as insults. i don't like to feel dehumanized, and i have to wonder about BB's motivations.

i don't know your disability status, but it seems easy for you to dismiss the ableism. it's not for me, that language is very hurtful.

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Date: 2009-04-01 11:11 pm (UTC)
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all's cool. i just want to clarify that i did not have an issue with the fact that you went to the site and read the post and got something out of it; indeed, i was grateful for the warning.

it was really only the part that you have now struck out that bugged me, and it was more an annoyance than hurt (the hurt that i mentioned in the above comment referred to the linked post), so thank you for making that small change.

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